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Here you will find a number of in-depth guides detailing the inner-workings of the Crash Bandicoot game engine. These guides are not official in any way.

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Dec Hex Crash 1 Crash 2 Crash 3
1 SVTX (no page)
2 TGEO (no page)
3 WGEO World
4 SLST Sort List
5 TPAG (no page)
7 ZDAT Zone
11 Bh GOOL GOOL Executable
12 Ch ADIO (no page)
13 Dh MIDI (no page)
14 Eh INST (no page)
15 Fh IMAG (no page)
VCOL (no page)
17 11h MDAT (no page)
RAWD (no page)
18 12h IPAL (no page)
19 13h PBAK (no page)
20 14h CVTX (no page)
SDIO (no page)
21 15h VIDO (no page)